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2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow

Organized by the US-Algeria Business Council & the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC
October 26-31, 2014 - Chicago, Illinois & Washington, DC

On October 27-30, 2014, the US-Algeria Business Council and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, hosted the 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow, a two city reverse trade mission in Chicago and Washington, DC. The US-Algeria Business Council and the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, DC, partnered with the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce in organizing the 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow, to help reach new audiences and benefit from NUSACC’s expertise in organizing business to business meetings at conference venues.

This high profile trade mission featured the largest Algerian delegation to ever visit the United States led by His Excellency Abdeslam Bouchouareb the Minister of Industry and Mines of Algeria and His Excellency Ambassador Abdallah Baali, the Algerian Ambassador to the U.S.A. and composed of key investment officials from the Algerian Government and CEOs of leading private and public Algerian companies. With key decision makers from the private sector and the public sector of Algeria traveling together to promote opportunities in the Algerian economy, this roadshow was an example of another thriving private - public partnership fostered by the US-Algeria Business Council.

The 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow was an ambitious event, and it was made successful through the generous sponsorship of the following companies: AGCO, Air Products & Chemicals, Anadarko, Black and Veatch, ETRHB Haddad Group, GE and RedMed Group. To our sponsors, we want to express our sincere gratitude; we could not have hosted this event without your generous contribution. Additionally, the US-Algeria Business Council benefited from the outreach from the following supporting organizations: the Aspen Institute, World Trade Illinois, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois, the Arab-American Business and Professional Association, and the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago.

The 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow was anchored by two large scale conferences, one in Chicago and one in Washington, DC. These conferences followed the same basic schedule: a full day conference (featuring success stories, insight from Algerian business leaders and government officials, new opportunities and tips for succeeding in US-Algeria trade) with an evening networking dinner. In Chicago the evening also featured business-to-business matchmaking and in Washington, DC, the morning after the conference was reserved for business-to-business matchmaking. These two conferences gave US executives a chance to hear announcements from Algerian officials on changes in the commercial code of Algeria and incentives for partnership with Algerian public firms, and presentations from Algerian executives on the capabilities of their companies and opportunities to expand their business through partnership with US partners.

The Doing Business in Algeria Conference in Washington, DC, featured many high level US Government officials including Mr. L. Daniel Mullaney, Assistant United States Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East, Ambassador Charles Rivkin, Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, US Department of State, and Mr. Glen Sweetnam, Director, African and Middle Eastern Affairs, Office of Policy and International Affairs, US Department of Energy. All of these officials congratulated Algeria on the expansion of its relationship with the United States and reaffirmed the US Government’s commitment to greater collaboration with the Algerian Government. Additionally, His Excellency the Minister of Industry and the Algerian Ambassador to the USA conducted high level bilateral meetings with the Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Bruce H. Andrews, as well as meetings with high level officials at the World Bank.

His Excellency the Minister of Industry made several pro-trade comments in his speeches at both conferences and highlighted some of the significant and measurable progress Algeria has made toward reforming its business sector. The Minister stated that the Government of Algeria has made significant reforms to re-launch industrial development in Algeria with the goal of making the Investment Code of Algeria more attractive and competitive to global standards. The Minister stated that progress is being made in business sector reforms and that Algeria has risen 29 places in rank on the world Economic Forum competitiveness chart. The Minister cited two important examples on this progress: previously to open a company in Algeria it required 84 steps; today the Government of Algeria has reduced this to 11 steps - that reduction was made in just one year, and soon it will require even fewer steps. Another example is the building permit; previously it took 4 months, today it takes only 20 days. The Minister stated that international partnerships is a strategic priority for Algeria and the Government of Algeria will offer attractive conditions for start ups and SMEs and innovative foreign firms to create win-win business ventures. Diversification is another goal of the Government of Algeria. The Minister cited the rich experience in the energy sector and the objective to go beyond this resource. The Minister identified the mining sector as promising for foreign partnerships and also said that key Algerian businessmen are present at the conference to discuss proposals they have assembled and opportunities for partnership at the business to business meetings.

The 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow had instant results! Several high profile partnerships were negotiated and signed between Algerian and US companies during the roadshow including a partnership between the RedMed Group and Marriott to build six hotels in Algeria;, between ETRHB Haddad Group and Varian Medical Systems to outfit a private cancer treatment center; between Amimer Energie and ESTECH to build an electronics factory; and AGCO with the Government of Algeria and a private Algerian company to expand and diversify manufacturing in Algeria. Additional partnership agreements between US and Algerian companies are still under negotiation and are expected to be finalized in early 2015 including an automobile manufacturing plant and farm machinery equipment manufacturing.

The 2014 Doing Business in Algeria Roadshow set a new tone in US-Algeria trade relations. The US-Algeria Business Council will continue the momentum of this event with several high profile trade events in 2015. To our members, thank you for your ongoing support!


Ministry of Industry and Mines
His Excellency Abdeslam Bouchouareb, Minister of Industry and Mines of Algeria

Embassy of Algeria
H.E. Ambassador Abdallah Baali, Algerian Ambassador to the USA

Amimer Energie
Mr. Amar Boukheddami, President & CEO

Dr. Selim Baghli, Partner
Mr. Nacym Baghli, Architect

Benamor Group
Mr. Laid Benamor, President & CEO

CEVA - Laval
Dr. Salah Abdesmed, CEO

Mr. Lakhdar Rekhroukh, CEO

Entami Corporation
Mr. Adam Iskounen, Managing Director
Mr. Achur Iskounen, Business Development Manager

Equipag Group
Mr. Zahir Benmansour, Board Member of EQUIPAG

ETRHB /Haddad Group
Mr. Ali Haddad, CEO & President

Executive Board Forum of Algeria / Forum des Chefs d’Entreprises (FCE)
Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui, Interim President of FCE and General Manager of the World Trade Center of Algeria

Mr. Mohamed Bairi, CEO

Manal Group
Dr. Tahar-Cherif Zerarka, CEO

Ministry of Agriculture - PRODA
Mr. Tewfik Hamidouche, Director of Partnership

Ministry of Energy - Sonatrach
Mr. Fethi Arabi, International and Institutional Corporate Manager

Ministry of Health -Central Pharmacy of the National Hospital System of Algeria (PCH)
Mr. M'Hamed Ayad, General Manager

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning
Mr. Temmar Abdelwahid, Head of Urban Planning

Ministry of Industry and Mines
Mr. Ali Oumellal, Head of the Department in Charge of Public Companies
Mr. Abdelkader Rahla, Head of Studies
Mr. Amar Agadir, Head of Investment Promotion
Mr. Mehdi Zentar, Director of Communications
Dr. Mohamed Tahar Bouarroudj, Head of the Mining Department

Ministry of Industry and Mines - SAIDAL
Mr. Boumédiène Derkaoui, CEO

Ministry of Post and Telecom - Mobilis Mr. Saad Damma, CEO

National Agency of Investment Development of Algeria (ANDI)
Mr. Abdelkrim Mansouri, President

Mr. Abdelmalek Sahraoui, Chairman

RedMed Group
Mr. Abdelmadjid Fechkeur, CEO

Saida Mineral Water Company and Germa Company
Mr. Samir Yaici, General Manager / Owner

STUDIO a Architects
Mr. Halim Faidi, Chairman

Systeme Panneaux Sandwichs
Mr. Mehdi Bendimerad, CEO

Tonic Industries
Mr. Mustapha Marzouk, CEO & President

Yamani Institute of Technology
Dr. Ahmed Yamani, President

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